I Went Mermaid Swimming!

Being self employed can seem really appealing when you’re just starting out, but what most people don’t realise is that it can take more commitment than a full-time job, and with less pay! You can also find yourself spending so much time on generating business that you forget to take a day off, so today’s blog post is about just that.

I received a message from a friend that someone had dropped out of a swimming booking, and there was a space for me if I wanted to go along. This wasn’t just a normal swimming session, but mermaid swimming – an experience I never thought I would have in my life!

It’s been a bit of a childhood fantasy, we often see mermaids in cartoons and hear about them in stories, so to get the opportunity to become a mermaid for a day was something I couldn’t pass up. Getting suited up was quite an experience itself, strapping the fin to my feet was pretty easy but getting the body suit on was like putting on a pair of wet leggings. Not impossible but quite a challenge! I couldn’t stop laughing from the positive energy from our mermaid trainers.

To start the adventure, we did some practice laps before getting suited up just to familiarise ourselves with the swimming technique we would be using so we had a better idea of how to swim once our fins were on.

Once all set, we started swimming, practised standing on our fins, fin slapping (apparently my effort was the best – not bragging!), diving down to collect shells  which I struggled with, and obstacle moving. Overall, it was a welcome break and a memorable day of fun!

I would love to thank Mermaid Scotland  for not only being the only place in Scotland that does mermaid swimming but for an amazing day out!